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Excel Gauges AL70/AL127


AL70/ 70PSI

Easy- Fast- Safe-
Operation: Using the plus and minus buttons, 

set recommended tire pressure and connect the hose chuck to the tire valve stem. 
The Excel Tire Gauge will read the actual tire pressure, 
automatically inflate or deflate to the pre-set pressure. 
When complete, the gauge will automatically stop and beep, 
indicating that the operation is complete.



Increases your profits by:
Accurate Tire Inflation Benefits Increase your profits by:
-Extend tire mileage
-Fuel saving
-Reduces accidents
-Reduces liability
-Reduces road service
-Reduces down time
-No guess work
-No pressure estimates
-No pen gauges


PNT3- Product features

•Pressure range up to 145PSI
•1 inch readout display
•Piezo electric touch buttons
•Built in counter
•Nitrogen specific routines
•Self diagnostic trouble shooting
•30' self coil hose
•Lock on air chuck
•Heavy duty aluminum casting
•Modern Design
•Constant illumination
•Water proof, weather resistant
•Easy to install: 110VAC,60HZ
•Colors: Red, Green, Blue Yellow
•Client satisfaction
•Customer service
•Reduces low pressure indicator
•Reduces complaints
•Additional marketing tool


Easy to install
Bolt to the wall and connect to the existing air line 110V 60hz power supply.
Portable unit - 24V battery operated
Air tower with built-in oil less compressor